Sales Training Modules (Half-day programmes)

Covering all products and services across all industries. Can be customised to your requirements. Download full list of topics here
  • A Sales Trainer…

    • I train sales professionals – I help sales teams to fine-tune their sales and  business presentation skills through both public and in-house sales training seminars.
    • I speak to sales managers and their teams – My talks energise and inspire sales managers and salespeople, and equip them with valuable skills and tools to make great presentations. 


  • A Sales Coach…

    • I help to transform how you sell – I attend, review and check-up on your real world sales calls and provide vital feedback to help you reach your full potential.
    • I have a lifetime’s experience in sales and sales management (over 30 years) – I am passionate about sales people being proud of who they are and proud of what they do.


  • What My Clients Say

Motivate your sales team with this energetic, passionate speaker!


From Ray’s Desk

  • Using common sense in sales

    There are two words that you won’t find in any sales training programme, and they are: “Common Sense”. Often when I am presenting my sales training programmes I have salespeople drilling things down to the very last degree or believing that what I am presenting won’t work in their industry or with their customers or […]

  • What’s your outlook for sales in 2017?

    Is it positive or negative? Will 2017 be any better than 2016? It will be if you take responsibility for your own success in sales. The political, economic and social problems that disrupted everyday life in 2016 have not all disappeared simply because it is a new year. The chances are good that this type […]

  • Three things to do in 2017 that you did not do in 2016

    There is no such thing as a bad economy in sales. Right now buyers are being careful, easy sales are put on hold and this means that average salespeople can’t survive and therefore usually end up blaming the economy for their failure. After sitting through countless presentations, customer meetings, sales training sessions, sales coaching and […]