6 Tips for ensuring a successful meeting

This is tip #3 out of 6.

3. Greeting. Focus on what you are going to say.

There are two places that you can’t hide behind when customers are looking  at who you really are, your eyes and your voice. These are the two most important factors in your greeting.

If you don’t make eye contact with your customer when greeting them they will not trust you. Having eye contact with your customer helps you to make a “connection.”

Voice tone depicts your attitude. Good or bad, positive or negative,enthusiastic or not. Are you here because you have to be here or because you want to be here? You voice relays this message to your customer.

Smile, look your customer in the eye and say “nice to meet you”.

All you want to do right now is focus on the one thing that you are busy with and that’s the introduction. Selling is a process, so don’t start thinking about the end result now. Don’t worry about your presentation or possible objections or the price or closing.

Just focus on the greeting.