• Using common sense in sales

    There are two words that you won’t find in any sales training programme, and they are: “Common Sense”. Often when I am presenting my sales training programmes I have salespeople drilling things down to the very last degree or believing that what I am presenting won’t work in their industry or with their customers or […]

  • What’s your outlook for sales in 2017?

    Is it positive or negative? Will 2017 be any better than 2016? It will be if you take responsibility for your own success in sales. The political, economic and social problems that disrupted everyday life in 2016 have not all disappeared simply because it is a new year. The chances are good that this type […]

  • Three things to do in 2017 that you did not do in 2016

    There is no such thing as a bad economy in sales. Right now buyers are being careful, easy sales are put on hold and this means that average salespeople can’t survive and therefore usually end up blaming the economy for their failure. After sitting through countless presentations, customer meetings, sales training sessions, sales coaching and […]

  • Selling is a numbers driven business!

    Please note: I said a numbers driven business, not a numbers game. Selling is not a game, it’s a serious profession that requires serious commitment. If you are not hitting your numbers, check your activity. Activity = Numbers = Sales  Most salespeople don’t know what their actual numbers are because they don’t keep accurate records […]

  • Look for ways to do things differently.

    One of the biggest problems I find when working with and training salespeople today is a lack of willingness and commitment to look for ways to do things differently, especially when what they are doing is not working. Salespeople have a habit of refusing to accept that what they are currently doing can be improved […]

  • Setting and achieving personal goals in sales

    Most of the salespeople I train are not working on achieving things for themselves but rather focusing all their efforts on achieving their company targets. There comes a time when a salesperson will question the effort they are putting into their work. When driving in traffic to an appointment “Why am I doing this”? When sitting in front […]

  • Control the sale

    As a sales professional you should be in control of the sale, not in control of the customer, in control of the sale. Controlling the sale means leading the customer to buy. This is not manipulating the customer but rather helping them to make the buying decision. This does not all have to happen at […]

  • Use “positive talk” to create a positive outcome

    “Positive talk”, like everything else we do in sales, is a specific skill. It is a skill which needs to be learned and implemented all the time. Whether it is during a meeting with a customer, during a phone call to make an appointment or even an e-mail you are sending off. How many times […]

  • Be proud of who you are and be proud of what you do

    I am passionate about salespeople being proud of who they are and proud of what they do. I believe that salespeople can only be successful in the selling situation, when they are face to face with their customers, if they are really enthusiastic and excited about being there. If you are not proud of who you are […]

  • Closing is a process, not a “once off hit”

    Most of the salespeople I work with when conducting sales coaching for companies have an aversion to closing. For some reason they seem to have a fear of asking for the business. This fear of closing is usually due to the salesperson believing that closing is a “once off hit” and that the customer will either say yes […]

  • Don’t rely on relationships to get business

    Too many salespeople focus on “relationship building” believing that the better the relationship the better the chance is of getting business from the customer. Most companies themselves believe that relationship building should be the key area of sales activity in the organization. There is nothing wrong with having a good relationship with your customer but these relationships should […]

  • 6 Tips for ensuring a successful meeting

    This is tip #3 out of 6. 3. Greeting. Focus on what you are going to say. There are two places that you can’t hide behind when customers are looking  at who you really are, your eyes and your voice. These are the two most important factors in your greeting. If you don’t make eye contact […]