Sales Speaker

Motivate your sales team with this energetic, passionate speaker!

Selling may or may not be the oldest Profession in the world, but it certainly is the BEST! Be proud of who you are and what you do because 

My goal when I present my Sales Training Keynote Speech is get Salespeople to:

  • Feel PROUD of who they are and PROUD of what they do -See selling as a profession that deserves recognition
  • Be enthusiastic and excited about going out and seeing customers  – You will want to go out and start selling again!
  • Improve their knowledge and skills and become EXPERTS in SALES – Equip you with a simple Sales Process that they can use immediately to increase sales
  • TAKE responsibility, and MAKE things happen!! – Renew energy, enthusiasm and excitement for selling

Ray’s Sales Motivational Keynote is energetic and passionate! Unlike most speakers, he chooses to speak with no power point, which enables him to really “connect” with the audience.

Topic Type: Sales Motivation | Duration: 45 Minutes – 1 Hour
Audience: Salespeople, Sales Managers, Sales Directors, Sales Support, Anyone responsible for managing Salespeople